Clemson University (2008-Present)


PSYCH 8620: Organizational Psychology

PSYCH 8820: Occupational Health Psychology


PSYCH 2010: Introduction to Psychology

PSYCH 3100: Advanced Experimental Psychology

PSYCH 3680: Organizational Psychology

PSYCH 4710: Psychological Testing

Portland State University (2000-2008)


PSY 510: Work and Well-being

PSY 516/616: Advanced Organizational Psychology

SySc 610: Organizational Theory and Dynamics


PSY 204: Psychology as a Social Science

PSY 360: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSY 410: Work and Well-being

PSY 433: Psychological Testing

University of Tulsa (1995-1999)


PSY 7973: Seminar in Job Analysis and Selection

PSY 7973: Seminar in Organizational Theory

PSY 7973: Seminar in Leadership and Motivation

PSY 7973: Contemporary Issues in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

PSY 8103: Personnel Selection

PSY 8113: Applied Multivariate Statistics


PSY 2253: Foundations of Psychology

PSY 3023: Assessment of Individual Differences

PSY 3073: Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Wayne State University (1990-1995)


PSY 815: Multivariate Statistics (teaching assistant)

PSY 657Research Methods in Industrial Relations (teaching assistant)


PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology

PSY 101L: Introduction to Psychology (teaching assistant)

PSY 102: Introduction to Psychology (equivalent to Psy 101 with no lab section)

PSY 305: Psychology of Perception (teaching assistant)

PSY 350: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

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